Dirty girls need to get clean too!

We make high-quality, all natural skin care products by hand – all with a distinct personality, attitude, and style – for those with a distinct personality, attitude and style, who want soft, beautiful, healthy skin.
I loved the rhassoul clay mask
“I've used it twice and my skin looked super clean and felt incredibly soft!”
The one I prefer is vanilla
“Jezabelle lip balms moisturize perfectly my dry lips.”
We love the soaps and lip gloss!
“My daughter has taken over the gloss. It's her favorite. The soaps are super cute and have a nice scent. I like that they aren't overpowering.”
I love the soaps I got from Jezabelle!
“The shapes and colors are so cute, they make awesome gifts. They smell great and I like that the scents are not overpowering.”
It’s the bomb!
“The gun soaps are my favorite killing two birds with one stone! Was able to wash my hands after the bank stick ups I did!! Perfect soap for those gangsters of cleanliness!!”
Evil star!
“Black skull, coffin or a grenade soap...How cool is that? Totally addicted!”